Excuse me….this tub of Half Baked has no cookie dough!

You’ve made it! And so have I . . . I think? (Do we ever really “make it?” Or if we do, do we know that we’ve made it? Making note to google this later, I’m sure there’s an applicable Ted Talk.)

Enough eccentric life questions for now – back to the topic on hand. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial (shocker!) and I’m slightly narcissistic; or maybe it’s just because putting my life in to words may just help me figure it all out.

I find that most of my generation is “searching”. Searching for partners, searching for perfect jobs, and searching for connection. This lack of contentment is as unsettling as it is inspiring. Doing things with meaning has never been more important; but it seems that in the search for this life fulfillment, my generation has gotten lonely. Enter me and my consistent oversharing! I’d like to remain anonymous on this blog, as I feel I will be able to be more open and honest about my experiences. Being able to fully express myself and my situations without fear or hesitation will make everything more relatable and more personal.

Here’s to making my generation feel more personally connected, one blog post at a time! I’m excited to start this journey, even if no one else joins me (millennial whining, party of one please!). Those of you that are reading this, I hope you stick around with me. I need to write a complaint tweet to Ben & Jerry’s regarding the lack of cookie dough in this tub of ice cream, but I’ll be back in a jif to get this ball rolling.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 9.52.21 PM

2 thoughts on “Excuse me….this tub of Half Baked has no cookie dough!

  1. Totally enjoyed your post. I wonder if your generation will be the last to admit to a lack of connectedness, i.e. still have a value for that. It seems these “younger folks” really are shockingly out of contact not just with each other but with the world, in my observations. Anyway, welcome to blogging. You have a good writing style and I found your thoughts very enjoyable to read about. Good luck!

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