A Labor free Labor day weekend

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! I definitely did. I had such a lovely weekend filled with friends, relaxing, and a bit of organizing.

Went thrifting on Sunday and found some AMAZING things! I picked up these Kaj Franck bowls that will be perfect for snacking (my favorite thing 😉 ).

I also had a fun time this morning piecing together a breakfast from the remnants of my “cookout” Saturday. We had a ton of snacks and a lot of people bailed at the last minute- which means my lunches this week just got a bit better! I also drank a delish smoothie (I have one almost every morning) out of this adorable glass I found yesterday. Do you guys like experimenting in the kitchen or following recipes? I definitely like playing around and seeing what I can come up with. This a much more budget friendly approach to the kitchen too – as long as your meals turn out well 😂. I’ve definitely had my fair share of “this needs to go and I need to order a pizza ASAP”.

Do you guys have those last-minute flakey friends? I seem to have a lot, but then again maybe it’s just a generational thing. I know I can definitely be that way sometimes, especially now that I’m focusing more on what I want to do rather than forced social engagements.

I’m currently on my way to friends house to watch Bachelor in Paradise (huge guilty pleasure) -such a fun and relaxing way to end this long weekend! Wish me luck as it is pouring outside and I forgot all of my rain gear…..

Have a wonderful evening recovering from whatever fun things you tackled this weekend!


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