Voting with your dollar [why it’s important and how to do it on a budget]

So this past weekend I spent some time at a local arts & crafts fair. I always love these types of events and all of the different products and vendors I get to interact with! The only issue I have with these events? The prices.

There are so many wonderful, one of a kind, handmade products at art fairs. But they can be difficult to navigate, especially when you are on a budget! There’s also an added pressure when the festival is so large – going back to get an item can be inconvenient and unrealistic. This can put the “buy me now” pressure into full steam.

I went into Saturday with a “window shopping” mentality. I wasn’t going to buy anything, which was so unrealistic of me. I made it maybe an hour before I cracked and my made first purchase  – which was an adorable and timeless pair of earrings. I went on to buy a couple of more items; and I started to think about the importance of using your dollar wisely.

The importance of spending your money at companies you believe in is so important. I always try to spend local, handmade, and even female owned. At the end of the day I was able to justify my purchases (and the higher price tags) because these items were made locally by people who touch every single product. These are small, one person operations so you know that so much time and care goes into each piece! This makes them unique and usually better made, so they will last a little bit longer than a similar item from a large chain store.

It’s also key to purchase items you can actually integrate into your life! I occasionally make that mistake of buying something, getting it home, and then wondering why I even purchased it in the first place (insert weird bridal top I thrifted a few weeks ago…). I usually try to wait a few days to buy something if I see an item I really want, but that tactic doesn’t work in this type of setting. You can usually pick up a business card and buy it online at a later date, but often these vendors have sales or special pricing at events. If you really want to know, be sure to ask before you leave behind a cool piece and a great price! And at the end of the day, if you have a set-in-stone budget, stick to it! What helps me is taking cash out and not bringing my credit card.

Below I’ve shared some images of just a few pieces I purchased over the weekend. These will be all be well loved and worn often – which is the perfect reason to shell out a few extra dollars. Hope you have all had a lovely and easy start to your week! One day down and I can already tell this week is going to be a doozy…..


Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash

silver earrings, hand made, craft fair
Silver statement earrings I picked up at a ~great price~
gold reflective square earrings
Square gold earrings (already well loved!!) worn them two days in a row. . .

geometric printed top

Love this bold and simple necklace I picked up! Paired with a sweater I thrifted a few weeks ago.

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